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Meet Some Of Our Happy Clients

Regardless of the type of business, 新皇冠2直播在线观看最新版 delivers measurable results for our clients. See the numbers for yourself. Browse through our case studies of recent successes and see the difference that Canada’s number one SEO Services Company can make for you!

Our SEO Marketing Agency Supplies Measurable Results

Operating a successful online business requires you to obtain measurable and quantifiable results. While other online marketing companies might promise to deliver, they often fall short because they are not able to provide you actual proof their services will improve your site traffic, increase sales, and help grow your business. 新皇冠2直播在线观看最新版’s goal is to share in your business’ success. In order to do this, we make it possible by supplying you with actual measurable data we track and send you on a regular basis.

Some of the data we track includes:

  • Site Traffic and Page Visits
  • Number of Submissions through Your Contact Page
  • Google Rankings for All Major Non-branded Keywords
  • Relevant Long Tail Keyword Traffic
  • Changes to SEO and SMO Practices

We also have our clients track the number of telephone inquiries they receive directly. The reason we ask our clients to track telephone inquiries is because more than 80 percent of people call the business directly when they found it through localized searches. If they obtained your business information through a search engine, this further supports how 新皇冠2直播在线观看最新版 helps our clients. +

新皇冠2直播在线观看最新版 Does Not Use Outdated SEO and SMO Practices

Search engine optimization and social media optimization guidelines change on a regular and frequent basis. 新皇冠2直播在线观看最新版 constantly invests numerous hours in ongoing SEO and SMO research and testing to ensure all of our clients receive the most current best business practices, including a strict adherence to White Hat SEO. Anytime there are changes in how search engines index online content, updates to SEO and SMO, Google Analytics updates, and others, we take steps to inform our clients of these changes, how they will impact their current rankings, and what needs to be done to content so that it is adjusted accordingly to avoid hurting their current search engine rankings.

Professional Search Engine Marketing Case Studies

新皇冠2直播在线观看最新版 provides measurable results for each of our clients, no matter what type of online business, market, or industry segment they target. We invite you to compare the numbers for yourself and see how our Web Marketing Services Company in Toronto can help you succeed. After reviewing our case studies, you will see how we helped these firms realize success in their respective online markets and the difference it makes when you obtain help from Canada’s number one SEO Company in Toronto.

Once you have seen the numbers, we invite you to fill out our online contact form. One of our professional web marketing consultants will call you to set up our complimentary consultation appointment. During this appointment we take the time to become familiar with your business operation, what it is you want to accomplish, and both your short term and long term goals. Taking all of this information, we prepare a customized solution which fits with your business, and explain the purpose of each service, how it relates to increasing site traffic, SMO and SEO, and how implementing the service makes your business successful.


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